Wild Lives Otters

Wild Lives Otters


On the Swirl of the Tide

Bridget MacCaskill

ISBN: 9780946487677

Binding: paperback

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The story of Bodach, Palethroat and Pinknose unfolded to Bridget and Don MacCaskill over a period of 12 patient years. Slowly, the wild otters became accustomed to the scent of the humans around their remote Highland sea loch, and the couple were able to observe the habits and behaviour of these beautiful creatures. Cubs are born and grow up with their parents, and the otters regularly encounter other animals, sometimes with amusing results. Whatever the event, Bridget and Don are there with pen and camera, ready to record the details.

On the Swirl of the Tide is a vivid and intimate portrait of the lives of otters in the wild, part of which was shared with the cameras for Central Television's Nature Watch series. The beautiful colour photographs from Don MacCaskill reveal details never before shown, and Bridget's sympathetic writing of the lifestyle and behaviour of these wild creatures is an enchanting account of otter life.

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