Wild Scotland

Wild Scotland


Essential Guide to the Best of Natural Scotland

James McCarthy

ISBN: 9781842820964

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Wild Scotland is a fascinating overview of the animals, plants, birds and marine creatures which populate the beautiful countryside of Scotland. With indispensable advice on where to go and when, how to see the wildlife, how best to photograph it, and what you can do to help conserve the unspoilt land you visit, this revised and updated edition of James McCarthy's classic guide to the Scottish wilderness is essential reading for tourist and local alike.

Where are you most likely to see otters in Scotland?
When is the best time to see Scotland's orchids?
In which city can you see fossil trees over 300 million years old?
Where can you be guaranteed to see, at close quarters, a peregrine feeding its chicks?

Wild Scotland, the site by site guide to the best of natural Scotland, answers these and many other questions.


Highly recommended to those with a serious interest in Scotland.  The Scotland Again Review

A handbook for intelligent tourists, whether overseas visitors or natives in search of their own country.   Jamas Robertson

... packed with useful information...impressive.   Highland News