Wild Lives Foxes

Wild Lives Foxes


The Blood is Wild

Bridget MacCaskill

ISBN: 9780946487714

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

In the endless struggle between man and nature, Bridget and Don MacCaskill's Highland home has always been a haven for injured and orphaned wildlife, from red deer to wildcats. The story begins with the rescue of two near-starved fox cubs called Rufus and Rusty, victims of their species' vicious reputation, and charts their often amusing journey into adulthood under the watchful eye of their new human 'parents'. Along the way, they are regularly joined by other wild creatures in need of the MacCaskills' help - badgers, birds of prey and a majestic golden eagle among them. The Blood is Wild is a touching account of the precarious existence of wildlife in the Highlands.

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