Work with Us



There are currently no permanent vacancies at Luath. 

Work experience and internships:

We host Work Experience Placements on a regular basis. Please note that these are very popular, and it is often necessary to book this a long time in advance. We take on UK and overseas students in various subjects including Publishing, English, History and Marketing throughout the year, for periods ranging from 1 week to 6 months or more. To find out more please contact us.  





If you think you have written a book that may fit with Luath’s publishing programme, and would like to make a submission to us, please follow the guidelines below:

 Please firstly take a look at our current publishing programme. If you think that your book might fit with our publishing programme, please send:

  • A clear synopsis of up to 250 words
  • Which genre you would categorise it as (use our website categories as a guide)
  • Sample chapters or manuscript
  • A short biography
  • Anything else of relevance

If you want your manuscript returned you must provide a pre-paid envelope. Otherwise, please mark clearly that you are happy for us to recycle your manuscript (you will still be notified of our decision).

Do not send original copies or artwork. Luath Press cannot take responsibilty for any items sent to us.

  • Please try to ensure that everything you send can be easily stored together - for example, held together with a paperclip or all put in a cardboard folder.

  • Please note that we cannot accept electronic submissions, only paper hard copies. Submissions or proposals sent by email will not be accepted.