Dementia Positive

Dementia Positive


John Killick

ISBN: 9781910021507

Binding: paperback

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Dementia is a mysterious condition.
It frightens many of us.
When we are confronted with someone with it we feel helpless.
This is not how it has to be.

John Killick, in this thought-provoking and warm-hearted book, challenges these assumptions. He shows us ways in which we can help, and make lives better for all concerned.

He writes out of two decades of experience of working with people with dementia and their carers, friends and supporters. He also shares with us the views of many of the people he has encountered on his journey.

Now containing a new section that addresses the difficult questions posed to the author after the first edition, Dementia Positive is an essential handbook for anyone living with a dementia diagnosis, as well as dementia care professionals and relatives seeking further insight into the condition.

A wonderful book that empowers, demystifies and inspires.  Tanya Myers, Carer

A must-read as a step towards making life better for people with dementia.  Dr Sandra Davis, Gerontologist

This book is exceptional… it says exactly what I think and try to say.  Keith Oliver, Person with Dementia


Hugely influential.  The Journal of Dementia Care

His vast experience and wisdom is distilled into this small book.  The Journal of Dementia Care

Tell succinctly and compellingly the other side of the story of dementia.  The Journal of Dementia Care

Brilliant book.  The Journal of Dementia Care