Bunnets 'n' Bowlers

Bunnets 'n' Bowlers


A Clydeside Odyssey

Brian Whittingham

ISBN: 9781906307943

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

Glasgow's famous shipyards built great battleships and cruise-liners, they employed thousands of men and created a unique community. In a job that was always dangerous and physically demanding the 'bunnets' (skilled workers) found ways to keep cheerful, whether it was performing magic tricks, playing football, making fun of the 'bowlers' (bureaucratic foremen) or starting their weekend drinking early. Life in the shipyards was hard but ex-workers, including poet Brian Whittingham, look back on those times of camaraderie with nostalgia. 'Bunnets 'n' Bowlers' is an entertaining, uplifting and, at times painfully, realistic poetic description of a way of life that is now gone.


This paperback celebrates the Clyde shipyards in their heyday - not achieved through rose-tinted glasses but via the often gritty recollections of those who spent a large part of their lives in these very shipyards.  Scots Magazine