Pilgrims in the Rough

Pilgrims in the Rough


An Unreliable History of St Andrews

Michael Tobert

ISBN: 1st edition - 9781906817961; 2nd edition - 9781910745083

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

For centuries, people have been travelling to St. Andrews. Whether they were on a holy pilgrimage to see the magnificent Cathedral and the preserved bones of St. Andrew, or devout golfers putting their skills to the test on the Old Course - that holy grail of golf courses - or just students and scholars jostling for a place at one of Scotland’s most esteemed centres of learning, St. Andrews has always attracted pilgrims.

Michael Tobert leads his readers through St. Andrews’ historic highs and lows with a potent combination of the anecdotal and the informative. His writing is both astute and downright funny, and he proves that sometimes, truth really is stranger than fiction.


Tobert displays genuine erudition on such topics as the history of the cathedral and university and, of course, the tricky business of playing the Old Course itself.   The Scotsman