Red, Orange and Green

Ian R. Mitchell

ISBN: 9781906307707

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

There's more to Clydeside than Glasgow. The River Clyde links west of Scotland communities shaped by a potent mix of Red Clydeside radicalism and Green and Orange religious loyalties. Ian R. Mitchell takes you on a journey along the River Clyde and shows it's not just about the remnants of shipbuilding, relating stories of conflicts, people and communities. The river rolls from Lanarkshire, once renowned for its coal and steel production, to former centres of textile production such as Paisley and the Vale of Leven, with many other places equally rich in industrial history along its 100 mile course. From Robert Owen's New Lanark utopian experiment to the Little Moscow of the Vale of Leven, here is a working-class history rich in political and industrial innovation.