Riddoch on the Outer Hebrides

Riddoch on the Outer Hebrides


Lesley Riddoch

ISBN: 9781906307868

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

Riddoch on the Outer Hebrides is a thought-provoking commentary based on broadcaster Lesley Riddoch's cycle journey through a beautiful island chain facing seismic cultural and economic change. Her experience is described in a typically affectionate but hard-hitting style; with humour, anecdote and a growing sympathy for islanders tired of living at the margins but fearful of closer contact with mainland Scotland.


... the same charm that great orators and generals have demonstrated, the kind of charm that Wallace and De Moray led the armies with, the kind of sweet-talk that could persuade Inuits to buy freezers.  The Stornoway Gazette

Congratulations on a thoughtful, timely and wonderfully contentious commentary on Scotland's dysfunctional relationship with 21st century Gaeldom. It is well informed, well observed, provocative, hard-headed, wrong-headed and inspired in equal measure and opens up a whole new level of engagement with 'the Gaelic issue'.  Malcom Maclean, Gaelic Arts Agency

Let's be proud of standing on the outer edge of a crazy mainstream world - When the centre collapses, the periphery becomes central.  Alistair McIntosh

Chatty without being oppressive and informed without being lecturing, Riddoch's style nicely brings home the beauty of the islands and the charm of those who live there.   The Herald