Scottish Artists in an Age of Radical Change

Scottish Artists in an Age of Radical Change


1945 to the 21st Century

Bill Hare

ISBN: 9781912147915

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About this book:

The visual arts throughout the post-war era have made an invaluable contribution to the cultural development of modern and contemporary Scotland.

Joan Eardley, Alan Davie, Eduardo Paolozzi, Ian Hamilton Findlay, Boyle Family, Craigie Aitchison, Barbara Rae, John Bellany, Alexander Moffat, John McLean, Bill Scot, Joyce Cairns, Steven Campbell, Ken Currie, Lys Hansen, Alison Watt, Douglas Gordon and Kevin Harman – these are some of the artists whose work reflects the radical and complex transformations of the post-war period. These Scottish artists not only observed and absorbed the socio-economic and technological changes taking places during this era, but also devised a wide range of innovative ways to represent and creatively re-present those changes and their powerful impact on our times.

Through a compilation of in-depth interviews with the artists themselves and accompanying critical essays, Bill Hare here examines the richly diverse work of these important figures in modern and contemporary visual culture, revealing the intellectual power and artistic imagination of those who have created one of the greatest eras in the history of Scottish art.


Bill Hare’s survey of Scottish Art since 1945 is a landmark book. By placing individual artists at the centre of the story, rather than an analysis of movements and styles, Hare gives us a unique insight into their work and tells how those artists contributed to the richness and variety that constitutes visual art in Scotland today. His writings range widely… from major figures such as Alan Davie and Joan Eardley in the post World War 2 years to Jock McFadyen and Douglas Gordon, but at the same time making sure less fashionable artists like Matthew Inglis and Helen Flockhart are properly recognised and critically valued. As a highly readable, yet scholarly introduction to contemporary Scottish art, Hare’s new book will be hard to beat. Alexander Moffat