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  • Scotland's Referendum: A Guide for Voters by Jamie Maxwell & David Torrance

    A Guide for Voters
    — by Jamie Maxwell and David Torrance
    At last, a simple, balanced guide to the referendum. Presents the case for both sides of the debate to help you come to a decision. Whether you are voting YES, NO or are undecided, be informed. Whatever you do, don't not vote.
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  • Caledonian Dreaming, Gerry Hassan

    The Quest for a Different Scotland
    — by Gerry Hassan
    The first in the new eight-part Open Scotland series. Offers a penetrating and original way forward for Scotland beyond the current independence debate.
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  • What Scotland Needs to Flourish

    What Scotland Needs to Flourish
    — by Lesley Riddoch
    Dispensing with the tired, yo-yoing jousts over fiscal commissions, Devo Something and EU in-or-out, Blossom pinpoints both the buds of growth and the blight that’s holding Scotland back.
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  • Pelmanism, Dilys Rose

    — by Dilys Rose
    Delicately drawn in fragments of memory, Pelmanism is a moving journey of self-discovery. Through ripples of the past, we begin to piece together the reality of a family that has lived a lie for as long as she can remember. But what kind of truth can memory really offer?
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  • Last Days in Eden, Ann Kelley

    — by Ann Kelley
    An innocent adrift in a world ripped apart by greed and want... Flora is trying to hold on to her humanity as her world changes forever. Costa Award winning author Ann Kelley’s disturbing vision of the future has much to say about our own times.
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  • The Girl on the Ferryboat, Angus Peter Campbell

    — by Angus Peter Campbell
    Vividly evoked Scottish novel of chance encounters and of family memories, regret, love and loss. Combines myth, music and linguistics to recount the memory of a hazy summer’s day on the Isle of Mull.
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