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  • Goanae No Dae That, Allan Morrison

    The best of the best of those cracking Scottish sayings!
    — by Allan Morrison
    The Scots have a unique way of communicating their feelings. Their sayings are cheeky, to the point, rude and always funny. Scotland’s bestselling humour author is back with his latest collection of hilarious Scottish sayings.
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  • The Making of John Lennon, Francis Kenny

    The Untold Story Behind the Rise and Fall of The Beatles
    — by Francis Kenny
    This is a challenge to the orthodox versions of the ‘Lennon Story’. The Making of John Lennon presents a journey into the confusion and pain that lay behind one of popular music’s most researched, yet most misunderstood geniuses.
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  • This is Scotland, Daniel Gray & Alan McCredie

    A Country in Words and Pictures
    — by Daniel Gray and Alan McCredie
    McCredie’s lens and Gray’s words search out everyday Scotland – a Scotland of flaking pub signs and sneaky fags outside the bingo, Italian cafés and proper fitba grounds. A nation of beautiful, haggard normality.
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  • Crow Bait, Douglas Skelton

    — by Douglas Skelton
    Jail was hell for Davie McCall. Ten years down the line, freedom’s no picnic either. It’s 1990, there are new kings in the West of Scotland underworld, and Glasgow is awash with drugs.
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  • More Tales From The Island Nurse, Mary J MacLeod

    — by Mary J MacLeod
    The Island Nurse returns, exploring memories of Hebridean life. Filled with stories of the troubles, joys, drama and comedies endured by Macleod’s patients and family alike, this makes a charming and humorous account of community life on a small island in a bygone era.
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  • Swim Until You Can't See Land, Catriona Child

    — by Catriona Child
    In Swim Until You Can’t See Land, 21-year-old Hannah is forced to give up her professional swimming career. Facing an empty future, she meets Marièle, and is astonished to learn of her courage as a WW2 agent in occupied France.
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