Ian Auld

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Ian Auld was unsurpassable on a football park in his youth. In 1958 he played in a Scottish Juvenile Select against England. He could have gone to Arsenal when he was 16, but went to the Balmore Bar at Saracen Cross instead. He played outside right, and learned to write inside. After taking a wrong turn as a young man, Ian went on to rebuild his life. He married Eileen, and had two daughters, Sharon and Annette, and a son, Ian. An adoring husband and father, Ian was also a creative force, an actor and songwriter who wrote poems, short stories and sketches for a number of years before he passed away on 4 November 1998. Ian was a great fan of Joe Orton, as well as his beloved Celtic. The Lions of Lisbon was his only full-length play. His memory lives on in the stories he told and the family he loved. 

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