A Comprehensive Guide for Locals and Visitors

Norman Watson

ISBN: 9781910745199

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Where can you find five castles, an Antarctic research ship and award winning modern art and theatre venues side by side?

Which Scottish city made its name producing the ‘three Js’ of jute, jam and journalism, was home to a higher population of working women than anywhere else in the UK in the late 19th century and gave us the world’s worst poet?

In this first ever comprehensive guide to the city join author Norman Watson on a journey street-by-street through Dundee, UNESCO City of Design, shortlisted City of Culture, and now proudly selected to host the world-beating V&A Museum. Explore key streets and buildings and meet famous Dundee residents, recalling stories of the city’s past as a manufacturing monolith and looking to its bright future as a hub of learning and culture. Fully illustrated and featuring full colour maps, this guide to Dundee is the perfect companion for locals and visitors alike.

Table of contents:


Foreword – Lord Provost Bob Duncan


Chapter One: The High Street

Chapter Two: Nethergate and Overgate

Chapter Three: Ward Road and Surrounds

Chapter Four: The Central Waterfront

Chapter Five: The Law

Chapter Six: Cowgate and Routes North-East

Chapter Seven: West Port and Hawkhill

Chapter Eight: Perth Road

Chapter Nine: Ferries and Bridges

Chapter Ten: Historic Suburbs

Chapter Eleven: The Kingsway

Chapter Twelve: Eastern Dundee

Chapter Thirteen: Museums and Galleries

Chapter Fourteen: Parks and Gardens

Chapter Fifteen: Sport in Dundee

Chapter Sixteen: Dundee’s Castles