We are Hibernian

We are Hibernian


Scottish Cup Winners 2016

Andy MacVannan

ISBN: 9781910745700

Binding: hardback

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Back cover text:

We are Hibernian explores the sights, sounds and memories of fans who have taken the ‘journey’ to watch the team that they love. Supporters from all walks of life bare their souls with humour, emotion and sincerity.

This book celebrates the story behind that unforgettable moment when Hibernian entered the childhood of its fans’ lives and why, despite their different backgrounds, these loyal fans still support a sometimes unsupportable cause together.

Is it what happens on the field of play or the binding of tradition, memories and experience that makes Hibs fans follow their team through thick and thin? Featuring interviews with many different fans, this book takes you on a journey to discover why football is more than just a game and why Hibernian is woven into the DNA of each and every one of its supporters.

Enchanted by stories of Hibernian told to him by his father, Andy MacVannan experienced his first Hibs game at the age of ten in 1980. Hooked on the phenomenon of football, he became an avid supporter of the Hibees, regularly attending matches both home and away.

At the beginning of the 1990s another passion took hold in the shape of punk rock. Embarking on a journey of discovery, his enthusiasm for playing and writing about music saw him enter into the world of the music fanzine. Football was temporarily kicked into touch but still tugged at his heartstrings from the sidelines, eventually leading him back to the club he loves.

In We are Hibernian Andy sets out to explore the emotional and enduring connection to Hibs that unites all fans. Over the course of a year and a half, interviewing supporters from all walks of life, he discovered that football is far more than a game, and that Hibernian lies at the crux of many different friendships and communities.

‘I missed witnessing many of those great teams and those vast Easter Road crowds of old, but they have come alive through the recollections of others.’ Andy MacVannan