This is Our Story

This is Our Story

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How the Fans Kept Their Hearts Beating

Ian Murray

ISBN: paperback - 9781912147953; hardback - 9781913025540

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Hardback expected November 2019

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About this book:

Imagine if your club, the love of your life, was about to play its last ever game. The club you’ve cheered on as a child, which your family has supported for generations, whose colours you have dressed in every Saturday. How would you feel? 

This is the story of Heart of Midlothian, Edinburgh’s oldest football club, and the 8,000 heroic fans (or Jambos, as they’re affectionately known), who donated their own money to help rescue ‘the boys in maroon’. Former Chair of the Foundation of Hearts Ian Murray here chronicles the unprecedented story of the turmoil and uncertainty that the club battled in the fight against liquidation. This book honours Hearts fans and their sheer determination to rescue their beloved club from the brink of extinction and raise it back up to the top of Scottish football.   

This is our story, this is our song... 

If it wasn’t for Ian – for this man’s determination and drive – we’d be dead. Without the fans digging deep and providing the club with their hard earned money we would have sunk, simple as that. Not only that, they got Ann Budge involved, an experienced businesswoman and a big Hearts fan who would allow a longer term transition to fan ownership. John Robertson