The Game of Golf

The Game of Golf


Willie Park Junior

ISBN: 9781905222650

Binding: hardback

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Back cover text:

First published in 1896, The Game of Golf is the long awaited reprint of the first ever golfing book by a golf professional. It is a golfing classic and collectors' item. Straight from the man who brought golf from Scotland to the world comes, this comprehensive guide is to playing golf. Every aspect of playing, from selecting equipment to proper swing and grip, is explained in detail beside the opinion and tips of the successful nineteenth century golf champion, Willie Park Junior. Written over a century ago, this commentary reveals the finer details of the game and original techniques that can still be applied today. It includes a helpful glossary and diagrams and illustrations. The history and art of golf are revealed here. It is a great gift for golf enthusiasts everywhere!


The book is handsomely got up, it is written with concise vigour and fullness of knowledge... [it] ought to be in the hands of every golfer and on the table of every golf club.   Golf Magazine

...solid and reliable... practically every book on golf since his time has copied his basic format. After over a century it can still be read with profit by today's golfer.   Paul Lawrie