The Art of Putting

The Art of Putting


Willie Park Jr.

ISBN: 9781905222667

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

The Art of Putting, first published in 1920, was the 'how to' book of its time. With fascinating insights into golf then and now, it has become a collectors' item. The tips and techniques from the nineteenth century golf master give a comprehensive guide on how to play and improve your short game in whichever century. It is a great gift for golf enthusiasts!


In these few pages is, after all, the wisdom of a lifetime, the wisdom of the best putter of his time.   Paul Lawrie

This illustrated 'how to' book kept ME from quitting the game in disgust due to my inability to reliably sink short putts. After trying Willie's open-stance method I improved greatly.   Bob Weisberger, Great Golf Heritage