Minnows United

Minnows United


Adventures at the Fringes of the Beautiful Game

Mat Guy

ISBN: 9781912147069

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Following his first book, Another Bloody Saturday: A Journey to the Heart and Soul of Football, Mat Guy continues his exploration of the ‘beautiful game’ in Minnows United; an ode to the unsung heroes of football matches taking place out of the limelight, all over the world.

From little known teams within the UK, to teams representing countries that, to most of the world, don’t even exist, Mat Guy travels to remote parts of the globe to experience football not only on the fringes of the pitch, but on the fringes of the world. On his travels, he watches matches in Iceland, interviews members of the Tibetan Women’s Football team, explores the impact of football in war-torn Palestine and explores the unsung heroes in the football clubs present throughout the length of the UK.

What he finds is countries transcending the game itself and instead building communities, lifelines and friendship with football at the centre.