Another Bloody Saturday

Another Bloody Saturday


A Journey to the Heart and Soul of Football

Mat Guy

ISBN: 9781910745724

Binding: paperback

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This is a book celebrating all that is great with the game of football, as seen through the eyes of clubs and fans rarely bothered by satellite television cameras and the riches of the elite game, a vibrant world of humour, warmth and friendship worth far more than all the wealth of the Premier League.

Why do people head out on windswept Saturday afternoons and wet Wednesday evenings watch lower and non-league teams play when they could watch Premier League football from the comfort of their living rooms?
Does an international match between two countries that technically don’t exist have any meaning?
Why do some people go to so much trouble volunteering to support clubs which run on a shoestring budget and are lucky to get even a glimpse of the limelight?

Over the course of a season, Mat Guy set out to explore the less glamorous side of the beautiful game, travelling the backwaters of football across the length and breadth of the country – and beyond. He watched Bangor as they were cheerfully thrashed by Reykjavik’s UMF Stjarnan, was absolutely won over by the women’s game, and found a new team to love in Accrington Stanley.

From Glasgow to Northern Cyprus, Bhutan to the Faroe Islands, Mat discovered the same hope, sense of community, and love of the game that first led him to a life in the stands at Salisbury FC’s Victoria Park, where his own passion for football was formed.


The amazing story is a must read for any walk of life not just football fans. You could say we have adopted each other in a short space of time, its a great portrait of Accrington Stanley Football club and hopefully when this publication hits the world our club can gain more support like Mat.  Nick Westwell, Chairman, Official Accrington Stanley Supporters Club