The North End of Eden

The North End of Eden


Christine De Luca

ISBN: 9781906817329

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

A polar projection changes foo we figure oot wir world. Shetland isna banished tae a box i da Moray Firt or left oot aa tagidder - ta scale up da rest - but centre stage.

Christine De Luca's poetry creates a sense of the beauty and spareness of Shetland, the contradictory space and smallness of the island; and a feeling for people living on the far side of Scotland.

These poems explore concepts of identity, home and belonging, and of our connection with the land. Drawing inspiration from medicine, history and religious and pagan legends, from modern and ancient sources, De Luca writes with equal fluency in both English and Shetlandic. This book awakens its reader to the beauty of the language and the landscape of the most northern part of Britain; yet there is no sense of isolation. She explores the folktales and values home-grown in Shetland in terms of the wider world, from Russia to Canada.