A Guide to the Pronunciation of Modern Urban Scots

Christine Robinson & Carol Ann Crawford

ISBN: 9781906307301

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

This is an articulatory reference guide for actors and anyone fascinated by the modern Scots language. This book focuses on the particular dialects and accents of Aberdeen, Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh. With particular attention to the pronunciation and sounds of modern urban Scots, this guide is ideal for those studying it for theatrical purposes who want to honour unique regional accents or simply those studying language and linguistics.


This is a gem of a book: an authentic, accessible guide for actors who need to perfect a Scots accent. I have used it myself and recommend it highly.   Jeannette Wilson, Head of Voice, National Theatre

A braw buik... one I can recommend to anyone interested in reading, writing or speaking Scots, however defined.   Michael Hance, Director, Scots Language Centre