Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect

Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect

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The Luath Kilmarnock Edition

Robert Burns

ISBN: paperback - 9781910021514; hardback - 9781910745748

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About this book:

Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, was the first collection of poetry produced by Robert Burns. Published in Kilmarnock in July 1786 it has become known as The Kilmarnock Edition. The contents include 44 of Burns' best known poems including To a Louse, The Cotter's Saturday Night, To a Mouse, The Twa Dogs and To a Mountain Daisy. Released in 2009 to celebrate Burns' 250th birthday, The Luath Kilmarnock Edition brought this classic of Scottish literature back into print, after being unavailable for many years.

New material includes an introduction by 'the man who played Burns' – author, actor and Burns expert – John Cairney, exploring Burns' life and work, especially the origins of The Kilmarnock Edition. Looking to the future of Burns in Scotland and the rest of the world, Clark McGinn, world-renowned Burns Supper speaker, provides an afterword that speaks to Burns' continuing legacy. Illustrated throughout with original line drawings by top political satirist Bob Dewar, The Luath Kilmarnock Edition makes a beautiful gift for any Burns enthusiast.


The author is indeed a striking example of native genius bursting through the obscurity of poverty and the obstructions of laborious life.   The Edinburgh Magazine