'Eh hud meh ehe on a peh'

'Eh hud meh ehe on a peh'


The Best of the Best of Those Mouthwatering Dundee Sayings

Norman Watson

ISBN: 9781910745830

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Dundonians have a defining, distinctive way of expressing themselves and communicating feelings. The ancient city’s characteristic accent can be heard in any Lochee bar or Hilltoon playground, or on any bus – where Dundee grannies have extraordinary ‘Eh?’ ‘Eh!’ nodding conversations. And to the trained ear they make perfect sense!

Goad, Eh’ve ait some pehs in meh time! 
Goodness, I’ve eaten some pies in my time!

Goota m’sicht. 
Perhaps you would consider going away?

Yer as yaiseless as a pile of snottirz. 
I don’t think you’ve got the hang of this.

A brah day fur pittin oot the washin’ on the greenie poles an’ puhllashees. 
Wash day.

Yir jecket’s on a shoogly nail. 
You are on your final warning.

Yir a lang time deid. 
Lighten up. Enjoy life while you can.

Perfect for locals and visitors to Dundee alike, Dundonians will no doubt recognise themselves in these phrases while tourists will have a momento to treasure.

Table of contents:


Dundeh Vehlence
Comings and Goings
Wise Words
Familiar Questions
Domestic bliss
Dundee life
A peh’s a peh fur a’ that, ispaishully in Dundeh
Medical emergencies
Sport and Leisure