Bard Fae Thi Buildin Site

Bard Fae Thi Buildin Site


Mark Thomson

ISBN: 9781906307141

Binding: paperback

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Mark Thomson's powerful debut collection celebrates all things Dundonian; its people, its mills, its schemes, but above all its dialect. Writing solely in his 'mither tongue', Thomson demonstrates the flexibility of his native language in dealing with subjects from drug addiction to Scottish history to a man trying to chat up a woman. An intelligent discussion of working-class life, Bard Fae Thi Buildin Site is passionate and funny, tackling serious social issues as openly as love for one's family.


Some of the quieter poems trhough on ordinary life in an ordinary housing estate have a truth in them that comes directly off the page.  Tom Leonard

A book that doesn't pull any punches... working class poetry at its finest.  Jack McKeown