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Scotia Nova: Poems for the Early Days of a Better Nation

Scotia Nova

Poems for the Early Days of a Better Nation

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there’ll be nae cries o
jist the creakin soun
o openin doors
— Read these poems and be inspired.

In the wake of the 1979 Devolution Referendum, followed by the impact of Thatcherite policies on Scottish society, many Scottish writers and intellectuals began articulating the distinctiveness of Scottish literary, cultural, social and political traditions and outlooks. Some joined popular political campaigns, from opposing the Poll-Tax and Trident to the Campaign for a Scottish Assembly, which led to a Scottish Parliament. Many now look forward to new possibilities for the future with more confidence in the value and importance of our country’s culture and politics, as these poems reveal.

Whatever the outcome of Scotland’s Independence Referendum on 18 September 2014, a better Scotland is possible. Across every aspect of life in Scotland – housing, inequality, life expectancy, health, education, crime, sectarianism, localism and more – we all know that a better Scotland is possible. And then there’s Trident. And the Bedroom Tax. And the Democratic Deficit. And on it goes.
Title Scotia Nova
Subtitle Poems for the Early Days of a Better Nation
Author Edited by Alistair Findlay and Tessa Ransford
ISBN 9781910021101
Binding Paperback
Author Bio ALISTAIR FINDLAY has had a diverse career, from clay miner to social worker. He has published four previous collections of poetry, including Sex, Death and Football (2003), The Love Songs of John Knox (2006), Dancing with Big Eunice (2010) and Never Mind the Captions (2011). He retired from social work in February 2009 and lives in Bathgate.

TESSA RANSFORD was born in India, educated in Scotland and has lived all her adult life in Scotland. Tessa founded the Scottish Poetry Library in 1984 and was director there until 1999. Tessa was also founder of the School of Poets poetry workshop (1981-99) and editor of Lines Review poetry magazine. She was also a Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow at Queen Margaret University.
BIC Subject Poetry anthologies (various poets)
BISAC Subject POETRY / Anthologies (multiple authors)
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