The Unnatural Death of a Jacobite

The Unnatural Death of a Jacobite


Douglas Watt

ISBN: 9781912147618

Binding: paperback

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MacKenzie and Scougall are back.

1689. Scotland is in the grip of Jacobite fever. Bonnie Dundee leads a Highland Army looking to crush the government and restore James Stewart as King. Meanwhile, in the dark streets of Edinburgh, there are even darker goings on. A gruesome discovery near the city’s quarry takes investigative advocate John MacKenzie and side-kick Davie Scougall on a dangerous journey through the criminal underworld and clandestine clubs of the old capital.


The novels are first and foremost crime stories but they are also a journey through a relatively unknown period of Scottish history. The late 17th century was a fascinating, but paradoxical, time of witch hunts, blasphemy trials and religious fanaticism, which also saw the green shoots of the Scottish Enlightenment. The Scotsman

Watt keeps the action moving along and conjures up a convincingly dark atmosphere at this cusp of the age of reason. The Herald

Exceptionally well written… If you’re not Scottish and live here – read it. If you’re Scottish read it anyway. I-On Edinburgh on The Price of Scotland

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