A Traveller in Two Worlds

A Traveller in Two Worlds


Vol 2: The Tinker and the Student

David Campbell

ISBN: 9781908373328

Binding: hardback

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About this book:

The Tinker and the Student is the second volume of David Campbell’s biography of acclaimed Scottish storyteller Duncan Williamson. This volume chronicles Williamson’s life from the time he met his second wife, the young American student Linda Jane Headlee, until his death in November 2007. Campbell recounts how Linda played a pivotal role in bringing Williamson’s stories out of the travelling world to the wider community, and in doing so shows the impact that Williamson made on the lives of the people he came into contact with.


David Campbell opens the door to a world crammed with anecdotes, folklore and memories. Scots Magazine on A Traveller In Two Worlds

The second part of A Traveller in Two Worlds, this book completes David Campbell's life of a man who loved a good story more than life itself, and who always told it from the heart.  Edinburgh Life

This second volume, candid and touching, the best kind of memoir.  Scotland on Sunday

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