A Traveller in Two Worlds

A Traveller in Two Worlds


Vol 1: The Early Life of Scotland's Wandering Bard

David Campbell

ISBN: 9781906817886

Binding: hardback

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Back cover text:

Duncan Williamson, born in a tent on the banks of Loch Fyne, lived between two worlds. With a mixture of folklore and tales of a traveller's life, bound together by Williamson and Campbell's friendship, A Traveller in Two Worlds is a unique insight into a man acclaimed as the best-known and best-loved storyteller in the English speaking world. 

'Our friendship often seemed like a marriage: protestations of undying affection, jealousies, dramatic estrangements and reconciliations, ultimately a bond and underlying mutual affection. To be with Duncan always had an intensity. He was hungry to devour every moment, his joys transparent and fiery, his glooms dense and dampening as bleakest November. His appetite for company was insatiable and without it he was soon bored. I had never known anyone to be bored with such demonstrative and demanding conviction. I used to feed him people, elixirs. He sprang to life and charmed each one. Equally, his anger could simmer and erupt like Hekla, into clouds that lingered long and darkly over months.'   DAVID CAMPBELL ON DUNCAN WILLIAMSON


This Celtic collection is drawn from various age-old sources lovingly and lyrically retold by a master storyteller.  The Scotsman on Out of the Mouth of the Morning

Scotland's greatest modern-day storyteller.  The Guardian

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