The Kitty Killer Cult

The Kitty Killer Cult


Nick Smith

ISBN: 9781842820391

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

In the style of Raymond Chandler, this is hard-boiled detective fiction set in the city of Nub; where cats are king, killer and killed. Tiger Straight, PI, is past his prime, homeless and unemployed until the dame Connie Hant shows up. The PI is back, pawing the mean streets of Nub that he knows so well. Straight has a new mission - to catch the killers of the broad's brothers. It leads him to the murky, tatty underbelly of Nub, throwing up more kitty deaths and a love for a certain make-up artiste. What are the links between these murders and will Straight and his bug loving side-kick Natasha survive to discover the answers before the edible Inspector Bix Mortis? For those who know and love Smith's first novel, Milk Treading, this is the book feline crime hack Julius Kyle started to write.


Smith writes with wit and energy, creating a memorable brood of characters, and skilfully building the sense of unease between sides as the action zeroes towards its bloodthirsty conclusion.   The List magazine, July 2002 on Milk Treading