An Insider's Guide to Scotland (Japanese)

An Insider's Guide to Scotland (Japanese)


Misako Udo

ISBN: 9781910021859

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

Scotland’s ancient and fascinating history is infused with practical information for the Japanese visitor to Scotland in the sole Scottish guidebook in Japanese by professional STGA guides.

From the merits of pub crawls and Irn-Bru to the less desirable flat sausage and customer service, this guidebook covers it all whilst expertly bridging the gap between the two cultures.

Entertaining as it is informative this is the perfect guidebook for any Japanese holiday-maker.


Japan and Scotland are located on opposite sides of the world, but have many similarities. Both countries have industrial cities and tourist-oriented cities, as well as important cultural heritage including beautiful islands, mountains, rivers, gardens, walking paths, battlefields and castles. This book offers another chance for deepening our friendship and helping Japanese people understand our unique Scottish culture.  From the foreword by Mike Cantlay, Chairman, Visit Scotland

The guide was created to cater for a growing number of younger visitors from Japan who want to discover the Scotland beyond the castles and golf courses.

The list of dos and don'ts represents a cultural minefield for inexperienced travellers, particularly those ignorant of the finer points of Scottish football. It implores readers not to approach "men in green or blue football tops" and to steer clear of council estates. Don't be surprised, it adds, when the first sign of rain does not produce a flurry of umbrella-opening.  The Guardian