The Hughs

The Hughs


Scotland's Best Wee Hills under 2,000 feet

Andrew Dempster

ISBN: 9781910745038

Binding: paperback

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Andrew Dempster has 40 years’ experience of hillwalking the length and breadth of Scotland. Author of several climbing books, including the first guidebook to the Grahams, in this volume he identifies the best wee hills on the Scottish mainland.

MUNRO at least 3,000ft high
CORBETT 2,500–3,000ft high with a prominence of at least 500ft GRAHAM 2,000–2,499ft high with a drop of at least 150 metres
HUGH (Hill Under Graham Height): under 2,000ft with exceptional character

The Hughs all offer rewarding – and often stunning – climbs and views. Some are already popular. Many await discovery. Each one has great character. That is what the Hughs are all about.

From Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh to An Grianan in the far north, from Ben Hiant in the west to Bennachie in the east, the Hughs are a phenomenally diverse range of hills, stretching to all points of the compass. Accessible to people of any age, the Hughs are not defined by the sterile logic of relative height – they are a choice of the heart.