The Guga Stone

The Guga Stone

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Lies, Legends and Lunacies from St Kilda

Donald S. Murray

ISBN: hardback - 9781908373748; paperback - 9781910021132

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Back cover text:

Place one guga [almost fully grown gannet chick] and one stone in a pan of water and boil. Once you can pierce the stone with a fork, the guga is ready for eating…

Meet Calum.

In 1930, the last remaining St Kildans evacuated their isolated outpost 100 miles off the west coast of Scotland. Calum returns a few years later, alone and troubled, the sole guardian of the islanders’ abandoned homes. Haunted by the memories that linger there, he begins to re-live the experiences of residents long past.

Acrobats, airmen, cormorants, cragsmen and angels leap, climb, shimmer and swoop through the pages of The Guga Stone.

With subtle humour, Donald S. Murray mixes mythology, fiction and history to recreate St Kilda’s tales and legends for our time.


This is a wonderfully eclectic collection of poems and prose by a gifted Scottish writer.   The Guardian