The Glasgow Dragon

The Glasgow Dragon


Des Dillon

ISBN: 9781842820568

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

What do I want? Let me see now. I want to destroy you spiritually, emotionally and mentally before I destroy you physically.

When Christie Devlin goes into business with a triad to take control of the Glasgow drug market little does he know that his downfall and the destruction of his family is being plotted. As Devlin struggles with his own demons the real fight is just beginning. There are some things you should never forgive touself for. Will he unlock the memories of the past in time to understand what is happening? Will he be able to save his daughter from the danger he has put her in?

Nothing is as simple as good and evil.

Des Dillon is a master story-teller and this is a world he knows well.


The authenticity, brutality, humour and most of all the humanity of the characters and the reality of the world they inhabit in Des Dillon's stories are never in question.   Lesley Benzie

It has been known for years that Des Dillon writes some of Scotland's most vibrant prose.   Alan Bissett

Des Dillon's exuberant mastery of language energises everything he writes.   Janet Paisley

Praise for Dillon's other work:

The author's humanity and the sense of real hardship are what make the novel. The Big Issue

A darkly humorous and satanic fictional brew... written in vivid demonic style- with punchy directness and enormous brio. Scotland on Sunday