Fuzz to Folk

Fuzz to Folk


Trax of My Life

Ian Green

ISBN: 9781906817695

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Back cover text:

Since first meeting Ian Green at the Edinburgh police folk club ('Fuzzfolk') during my early teens, I've watched a man who has worked tirelessly to turn his passion in to a profession, a dedicated, caring individual who has frequently risked all to promote the music and musicians he believes in. The Greentrax Empire has grown, but it?s not really an empire it?s more like one huge, happy family with a proud and beaming father figure watching over it.  Dr Phil Cunningham MBE

In Fuzz to Folk, Ian Green chronicles his life so far, from Nation Service call-up to regular Army Service, to 30 years as a policeman and finally to founder of Greentrax, Scotland's leading traditional music label. Green has played a significant role in the resurgence and vitality of traditional and folk music in Scotland. His inspirational autobiography includes details of his involvement in the careers of Brian McNeill, Dick Gaughan, the McCalmans, Eric Bogle and many others. With Green's unique insight, Fuzz to Folk is an authority on the Scottish folk scene, and a fascinating glimpse into the life of the policeman on the street.

Table of contents:

Chapter One: The Early Years - Always on the Move
Chapter Two: Teens to Manhood
Chapter Three: Korea
Chapter Four: Homeward Bound
Chapter Five: Life in the Copshop - On The Beat
Chapter Six: The Copshop - Specialisation
Chapter Seven: The Copshop - Promotion
Chapter Eight: The Music Years
Chapter Nine: The Early Greentrax Years
Chapter Ten: The Greentrax Years - Family Events
Chapter Eleven: The Greentrax Years - Expansion
Chapter Twelve: The Greentrax Years - 15th and 20th Anniversaries Chapter Thirteen: The Greentrax Years - The WWI Project
Chapter Fourteen: The Greentrax Years - Other Major Projects
Chapter Fifteen: A Review at 76 Years