Firefighters of Belfast

Firefighters of Belfast


Brian Allaway

ISBN: 9781912147458

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

The firefighters responded to every incident during the Troubles, wherever it was located, seeing the best and worst of humanity.

The years 1969 to 1994 were particularly difficult for Northern Ireland, and what would become known as ‘the Troubles’ would test the firefighters of Belfast to their limits. This book provides a record of that time from a firefighter’s perspective, combining thorough research and contemporary records with first hand accounts from people who were involved, bringing these significant events to life through the words of the people who lived through them.

Full of character and characters, this personal account places on record the dedicated service and invaluable contribution made by firefighters to the people of Belfast when the city needed them most. Firefighters of Belfast is ultimately an uplifting portrait of human courage and resilience during the most difficult of times.


Timely and authoritative, a powerful and moving book. Andrew Lynch, editor of Fire and chair of The Firefighters Charity

Compelling reading. Sunday Post