Faslane 365

Faslane 365


A Year of Anti-Nuclear Blockades

Angie Zelter

ISBN: 9781906307615

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

Faslane naval base, just 30 miles outside Glasgow, holds Britain's entire nuclear arsenal. Despite continued protest in 2006/2007, while Scotland voted against Trident, Westminster voted to re-commission the nuclear submarines. With political disempowerment keenly felt after the war in Iraq, political activist Angie Zelter formed an ambitious plan, Faslane 365 was an attempt by protesters to blockade Faslane every day for a year. This book not only takes you behind the scenes of this remarkable display of non-violent civil resistance but also garners opinions from contributors on all aspects of nuclear disarmament and protest. From the history of Trident and investigations of international law to police involvement and living conditions Faslane 365 will provide a unique inside view of campaigning on this vital issue.


To everyone who locked themselves to the gates of Faslane, who blocked roads, who dressed as pixies or swam across the loch to reach the submarines, I salute your lessons in civic etiquette.  Mark Thomas, comedian and political activist