The English Spy

The English Spy


Donald Smith

ISBN: 9781905222827

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

This tale of intrigue and betrayal goes to the heart of events surrounding the Treaty of Union in 1707. Daniel Foe (better known as Defoe), sent to Scotland to sway opinion towards Union, reports to his English spymaster. But Edinburgh is already a hotbed of counter-plots and nascent rebellion. Foe's encounters with a landlady who is not what she seems, and with a beautiful Jacobite agent, lead him to become a novelist, against his better instincts.


Delves into the City of Literature, and comes out dark side up.   Marc Lambert

Donald Smith's is a voice we need to hear in Scotland... His deep knowledge of history, myth, story, religion, landscape and literature means that he has much real richness to draw on.   Tessa Ransford

Subtly crafted... and a rattling good yarn.   Stewart Conn, Edinburgh's Inaugural Makar