Death of a Chief

Death of a Chief

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Douglas Watt

ISBN: 1st edition - 9781906817312; 2nd edition - 9781913025274

Binding: paperback

1st edition in stock [2nd edition not yet published]

Expected release, November 2019

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‘It seems your father has been poisoned, sir.’
Hector’s lips trembled slightly. ‘Then it is murder, Mr Stirling?’
‘Murder... or suicide.’

The year is 1686. Sir Lachlan MacLean, chief of a proud but poverty-striken Highland clan, has met with a macabre death in his Edinburgh lodgings. With a history of bad debts, family quarrels, and some very shady associates, Sir Lachlan had many enemies. But while motives are not hard to find, evidence is another thing entirely. It falls to lawyer John MacKenzie and his scribe Davie Scougall to investigate the mystery surrounding the death of the chief, but among the endless possibilities, can Reason prevail in a time of witchcraft, superstition and religious turmoil?

This thrilling tale of suspense plays out against a wonderfully realised backdrop of pre-Enlightenment Scotland, a country on the brink of financial ruin, ruled from London, a country divided politically by religion and geography. The first in the series featuring investigative advocate John MacKenzie, Death of a Chiefcomes from a time long before police detectives existed.


Move over Rebus. There’s a new – or should that be old – detective in town. This excellent thriller introduces John Mackenzie and Davie Scougall, an Advocate and his notary in late 17th century Edinburgh. They set out to solve the murder of their client, the Chief of a down-at-heel clan. The result is a plot as twisted as Rowan on a mountain pass and wonderful characters who are perfectly set up for many novels to come. I certainly hope so. I thoroughly enjoyed this accomplished debut and I look forward to many more adventures with the capital’s newest sleuths.  I-on Edinburgh

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