Cowboys for Christ

Cowboys for Christ


Robin Hardy

ISBN: 9781905222414

Binding: hardback

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The movie premiered in the UK this year, starring Christopher Lee. This is a novel of religious sexuality and pagan murder. If I am a Rabbi, Jehova is my God. If I am a Mullah, Allah the merciful is He. If a Christian, Jesus is my Lord. Millions of people worldwide worship the sun. Here in Tressock, I believe the old religion of the Celts fits our needs at this time. Isn't that all you can ask of a religion? Gospel singer Beth and her cowboy boyfriend Steve, two virgins promised to each other through 'the Silver Ring Thing', set off from Texas to enlighten the Scottish heathens in the ways of Christ. When, after initial hostility, they are welcomed with joy and elation to the village of Tressock, they assume their hosts simply want to hear more about Jesus. How innocent and wrong they are. Ripping through the themes of religion, paganism, power, sex and sacrifice, Cowboys for Christ builds up to its gruesome, excruciating climax under the terrifying imagination of Robin Hardy.


Erotic, romantic, comic and horrific enough to loosen the bowels of a bronze statue. Christopher Lee

... his new book, Cowboys for Christ, is a proper, old-fashioned page-turner. Venue Magazine

Cowboys for Christ marks a return to Wicker Man territory easy to read and very enjoyable, no boring bits and it always kept your interest. I first thought that it would be a new working of the original Wicker Man but its not has a life of it own! Gary Gillies