Celtic Sea Stories

Celtic Sea Stories


Celtic Sea Stories

George W. MacPherson

ISBN: 9781910021866

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Deep, deep down in the depths of the great sea, where peace dwelled and the dark green gloom was pierced by no shaft of light from the world above, lived a race of people who had their own world and culture and way of life, which paralleled that of the land yet was not of it.

These are stories of the people of the sea, their descendants on the land, and the magic of the waters. They tell of adventures and encounters with magic: here we find a terrible sea-serpent, the white cow of the sea, and an array of heroic fishermen, capricious witches, foundling mermaids and warrior women.

In all these stories the poetry and music of the sea blends with history and myth to create a delightful collection of tales.