Catalonia Reborn

Catalonia Reborn


How Catalonia Took On the Corrupt Spanish State and the Legacy of Franco

Chris Bambery & George Kerevan

ISBN: 9781912147380

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

2017 saw Catalonia come under the world’s spotlight as it again fought for independence and the preservation and protection of its unique Catalan culture. Answering the questions and complications behind the fight for Catalonian Independence, this book is a detailed guide to the region’s political, historical and cultural issues. For the layman as well as the expert, it takes the reader through the rich history of Catalonia – its language, culture and political background – to the present day, covering defining eras of the region from Franco’s dictatorship to the 2017 independence referendum and elections.


This is a great book and a much needed reference in English.  Clara Ponsati