The Book of Scotlands

The Book of Scotlands



ISBN: 9781912147434

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

The Book of Scotlands outlines 156 possible Scotlands which currently do not exist anywhere but maybe, someday, could. At a moment when, after centuries of desire and unrest, independence seems to be a real possibility for Scotland, Scottish-born, Berlin-based musician/author/journalist Momus, real name Nick Currie, offers a delirium of visions, practical and absurd. Momus, who describes himself as a polymath-dabbler, suggests that the real Scotland is free to embrace or reject this parallel world.


‘Inventive, relaxed and enjoyable, it imagines 156 different Scotlands, ranging from delightful to dystopian.’ Julian Gough, The Guardian

‘The Book of Scotlands is a considerate, deeply generous take on the life of this country and its possible futures.’ Pat Kane, The Scottish Review of Books

‘I don’t think I am overstating it to say that The Book of Scotlands will be read and reread, studied and assessed centuries from now for what it says about early 21st century Scotland.’ Gerry Hassan

‘If The Book of Scotlands reads at times like a knowing amalgam of Calvino, Donald Barthelme and Georges Perec,

it is also not wholly removed from the whimsical world of Ivor Cutler.’ Brian Dillon, The Guardian

‘An anthology of one – Momus has the perfect blend of wit, yearning, solipsism and exile with which to compose a prophetic book for a pretendy poetic nation that prefers to dream itself, rather than be itself.’ Alec Finlay