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Artworks and Poems Inspired by the Life and Legacy of Robert Burns

Rab Wilson & Calum Colvin

ISBN: hardback - 9781908373915; paperback - 9781910021019

Binding: paperback

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A queer Amalgam
O Rousseau's 'noble savage'
An Ossian's weird dreamscape –
A wild creature tamed bi education.
Heid stapt fou o' buikish lear

Calum Colvin and Rab Wilson provide a new perspective on Scotland's Bard in this masterful union of art and poetry.

Colvin's images encourage you to deconstruct his art in your own way, creating a deeply personal experience for each individual reader.

Written in both English and Scots, Wilson's exquisite and carefully crafted poetic responses to the artworks add further layers of meaning. The result is a magnificent tribute to Robert Burns and his legacy.