Dilys Rose

ISBN: 9781905222933

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

The starting point of many of the pieces in this dazzling collection is a single body part belonging to a specific character, real or imaginary: e.g. "Beethoven's Ear", or "The Tattooed Leg of Madame Vaekehu". Others concentrate on a person in a particular occupation, from "Sailmaker's Palm" to "Clergyman's Throat". Sometimes, as in the case of "Mad Hatter's Syndrome", the focus is literally based on the illness; in others, such as "Baker's Itch", it is a metaphorical rather than literal aspect which is central. This is a daring, exciting, amusing, sometimes salacious, always lyrical, a peep show of poetry.


Dilys Rose exposes and illuminates humanity with scalpel sharpness.  The Scotsman

What strikes about Dilys Rose's poetry collection, Bodywork, is its freshness, its confident opening of new territory, its discovery of hidden human places.  Scottish Review of Books