Beyond the Sun

Beyond the Sun


Scotland's Favourite Paintings

Edwin Morgan

ISBN: 9781905222728

Binding: hardback

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Back cover text:

For years Scotland has nurtured the relationship between literature and art. Many of Scotland's finest writers famously began their careers at art school - Alasdair Gray, John Byrne and Liz Lochhead, among others. It is a connection to cherish. Beyond the Sun speaks directly to this flowering relationship between poetry and painting. When readers of The Herald newspaper voted for their ten favourite paintings in Scotland, Salvador Dali's stunning Christ of St John of the Cross topped the list, ut also included were poignant classics such as Avril Paton's Windows in the West and Sir Henry Raeburn's iconic Reverend Robert Walker Skating on Duddingston Loch. Edwin Morgan, Scotland's national poet, was so fascinated and inspired by these paintings that he immediately penned a poem to honour each one, and send the handwritten originals to Lesley Duncan, poetry editor at The Herald. These touching poems perfectly complement the paintings in a moving tribute from one great artist to ten others.


The true test of poetry inspired by painting is that it forces us to look at familiar works of art with new and surprising perspectives. Morgan has achieved this, and I look forward to seeing these old friend with new eyes.  Am Bratach Magazine