Agenda for a New Scotland

Agenda for a New Scotland


Compiled by Kenny MacAskill

ISBN: 9781905222001

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

The campaign for a Scottish Parliament was ongoing for centuries. Lamented in prose and championed in print. Petitioned for, marched in support of and voted upon. Dear to the hearts of many and whose absence broke the hearts of a few. It has now reconvened after nearly 300 years. A Devolved Legislature but a Parliament all the same. Unable to address all issues but able to make a difference in many areas. It is for the Scottish Parliament to shape and mould the future of Scotland. But, what should that future be? This is a series of contributed articles from politicians, academics and Civic Scotland. They outline opportunities and future directions for Scotland across a range of areas socially, economically and politically. This is an Agenda for a New Scotland. Visions of what Scotland can be 2020.

Introduced and compiled by Kenny MacAskill

With contributions by John Aldersey-Williams, Donald Anderson, (Jackie Baillie), Alex Bell, Sarah Boyack, David Carter, Carol Craig, Robert Crawford, Andrew Cubie, Sally Daghlian, Susan Deacon, Iain Docherty, David Donnison, Owen Dudley Edwards, Linda Fabiani, Lorraine Fannin, Tony Higgins, Roger Houchin, Allan MacAskill, James McCallum, Duncan MacA(a)ulay, Henry McLeish, Shonaig Macpherson, Jim Mather, James Mitchell, Lindsay Paterson, Douglas Robertson, Elaine C Smith, Jean Urquhart

Foreword by George Reid