Why Not?

Why Not?


Scotland, Labour and Independence

Jamie Maxwell

ISBN: 9781910021194

Binding: paperback

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Is Scottish independence incompatible with ‘Labour values’?
Are ‘Labour values’ being realised within the Union?
How much really divides Yes campaigners from Labour voters?

Why Not? Scotland, Labour and Independence is a passionate and often personal appeal to Labour voters (and other progressive Scots) to consider the social, economic and political gains that could be won with Scottish self-government. Bringing together a range of diverse voices – some from within the Labour Party, some from within the SNP, some from the non-aligned Left – it presents the social justice case for a Yes vote and argues that independence offers the clearest route forward for socialist and centre-left Scotland.

Urgent, original and provocative, Why Not? is a vital contribution to the independence debate – and essential reading for all Scots.