Tackling Timorous Economics

Tackling Timorous Economics


How Scotland's Economy Could Work

Stephen Boyd

ISBN: 9781910021378

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Timorous: adj, 1) shy, not bold 2) easily frightened.

Economics: n, social science concerned with the production and consumption of goods and services.

What is the best way to run a country? How long should a person be obliged to work every day? What will the economy look like after Brexit?

In this new take on the Scottish economy, experts Trebeck, Boyd and Kerevan address how our economy can serve us, as opposed to the people serving the economy. They believe that current economic policies are not aligned with what we as people need in these times of rampant inequality and inequitable distribution, advocating an increased focus on the quality of Scotland’s economy. Using Scotland as an example for the economic workings of any country, Tackling Timorous Economics shows a better way of how economics could work for us.


…of interest well beyond Scotland’s borders … it will challenge you to reflect on your own views on big issues like inequality and economic policy.   David McCausland, The Conversation