Scotlands of the Mind

Scotlands of the Mind


Angus Calder

ISBN: 9781842820087

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Does Scotland as a "nation" have any real existence? In Britain, in Europe, in the World? Or are there a multitude of multiform "Scotlands of the Mind"? These soul-searching questions are probed in this timely book by prize-winning author and journalist, Angus Calder. It is a journey through many possible Scotlands - fictionalised, idealised, and politicised. This perceptive and often highly personal writing shows the scope of Calder's analytical power. Fact or fiction, individual or international, politics or poetry, statistics or statehood, no subject is taboo in a volume that offers an overview of the vicissitudes and changing nature of Scottishness.


Calder writes like your conscience would.  The Guardian