Scotland Connected

Scotland Connected


A Timeline for Scottish History in the Wider World

Anna Groundwater

ISBN: 9781908373625

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Scotland’s history was not always one with British history, and is set perhaps to become more separate again. Scotland was at one stage an important player within Europe and also within what was the British Empire. However, the understanding of Scottish history has for centuries been obscured by the dominance of English or ‘British’ history.

Drawing on her years of experience in teaching history students who are bewildered by the daunting task of tying Scottish dates and events into what they know of the wider world, Anna Groundwater has developed a comparative timeline which acts as an accessible point of reference.

Standard textbooks can explain specific events, but students repeatedly complain about becoming bogged down in excessively detailed reading. Scotland Connected is a user-friendly and thought-provoking guide to the key events in Scottish, British and world history, readily demonstrating the connections between the three.